Meet Willow.

Meet Willowcutewillow

  • Dog Breed: Jack Russell
  • Age: 2.5 years
  • Dog’s Food of choice: Newman’s Organics: The Second Generation
  • Dog’s Favorite treat: Wellness: Pure Rewards
  • Dog’s favorite Nantucket Beach: Nonantum
  • Dog’s favorite walking spot on Island: Sandford Farms
  • Dog’s favorite toy: Ball
  • Dog’s best habit: Sleeping in bed with you
  • Dog’s worst habit: Thinking Dad is the alpha
  • How do you protect against ticks/fleas? Collar
  • What is it about having a dog that brings you the most joy? Cuddles
  • Favorite Dog Quote: Wag more. Bark less.
  • Favorite Dog Book: Survivors
  • Any good tips on dog training? Take to school. 


Thanks Willow for being our first Nantucket Pup to feature on Annye’s blog. If you would like to see your dog up here at, ask for a questionnaire and your dog gets a bag of special treats.

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