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Keep moving.


Keep moving. Do work you enjoy.  Walk, make art. We need to do our own versions of  “chop wood, carry water.”



I read a lot as in several books at a time—a few novels and much non-fiction. My book pile is continually growing (with gratitude to Annye for her ever-perfect book gifts and store’s mini-library). I taught non-fiction at Syracuse and so it remains my favorite genre: Autobiography, Memoir, Travel Writing, Culture Theory. I also have a collection of art and interior design books. I enjoy re-reading favorites for the continually different perspectives. Favorite re-reads: Fierce Attachments; White Teeth; The English Patient; the first Chapter of Jane Eyre.


Eat organic, non-GMO, raw, and unprocessed. Avoid sugar and salt whenever possible (unfortunately added to most processed food). Read food labels. I love fruits and vegetables: berries, especially raspberries, pears and the giant summer-peaches at Annye’s. I also eat raw spinach every day and add to omelets along with the best cheese ever: Bellwether Basket Ricotta.

raspcake2 pears

I am happily addicted to coffee especially The Organic Coffee Company’s Java Love. Love grinding the beans, pressing, and adding hot milk and a bit of honey. Fortunately,  (according to recent media reports) the benefits of drinking coffee seem to be increasing.


Music, Movies, and local theater and bands.


Thanks Jane for these tips on how to live long, be strong, and eat well at Annye’s Whole Foods!

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