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Danica Connors at Annye’s Whole Foods knows her herbs!

Danica recently attended The International Herbal Symposium. It is held every two years at Wheaton College in Massachusetts where you have the opportunity to learn from the best herbalists in the World. One can get as “science-oriented” or “spirit- oriented” as one wishes. There are even veterinary and nursing tracts. Danica did a smattering of everything…

“I took two classes based on issues with the digestive system and the importance of what are called bitters in the diet. Americans do not have enough bitters in our daily eating routines. Without these flavors our systems do not secrete the essential juices in order to digest, process, and distribute nutrients in our food. Herbs are a perfect way of getting the daily dose of bitters that we need. All digestive issues and most immune issues should include a foundation of bitter herbs. A new line of them from Urban Moonshine from the incredible herbalist Guido Mase, just arrived in the store.


I also took an intensive with Matthew Wood on herbs for the treatment of muscular and skeletal conditions. So many people turn to advil and other pain killers when their body hurts. There are so many side effects that come with that particular choice. And it was great to dive into the herbs that can help balance the issue that is causing the pain/dysfunction and help to control the pain itself.

And, of course, I had to take some amazing courses on plant spirit work . My favorite was a class with a gentleman named Kip Roseman who has studied extensively with Peruvian Shamans. His classes talked about how to deeply connect with plants from a shamanic perspective in order to understand the healing processes from the consciousness of the plants themselves. He talked extensively about what is called La Dieta, a reduction diet that removes any filter between your being and the plant’s. This type of diet not only removes things like sugar, salt, fats, alcohol, and caffeine, but also areas like television, media, and people who are not supportive in your life for a temporary period of time while communing with the plants and receiving teaching/healing.

Danica is excited to introduce to Annye’s customers a new line of herbal supplements!

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Gaia Herbs offers nearly 200 organic herbal supplements made in the USA.  Here is a little introduction from Danica telling us why she loves The Gaia brand.

First and foremost, their liquid phyto caps (herbal tinctures within veggie capsules.) Within the herbal industry we understand that the longer that most plants sit, the quicker they loose their efficacy/potency. So when we trace an herb from the place where it was picked, then dried, then stored, then shipped to the manufacturer where it sits in storage, then made into the product, then shipped to either another distributor (where it sits) or to a retailer where it sits on the shelf for goodness knows how long, we are usually receiving a product that has lost at least 50% of its efficacy. When an herb is extracted into an alcohol base, called a tincture, it can stay potent for years. Taking a liquid tincture is a foreign entity to most American consumers. They are used to taking pills. So this liquid phyto cap technology allows for the herb to stay potent while choosing a delivery method that people are familiar and comfortable with.

Gaia has its own growing facility where they produce 5 million certified organic plants in a year and anything that they bring in from out of the country is tested for identity, quality, and toxins in order to guarantee the highest quality product available.

And when it comes right down to it, their products work when taken correctly! Here are three I recommend to Nantucketers who are interested in trying Gaia.


Occasional nervous stress and tension can interfere in the enjoyment of everyday life by disrupting the functioning of body and mind. Calm & Relax provides the support you need to help restore a sense of calm and relaxation to your life.* Made with certified organic Passionflower and Skullcap, this formula gives your nervous system the nourishment it deserves.



This herbal formula combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts to support a healthy pain response.* Feverfew, Devil’s Claw, and Ginger have each been studied for their role in supporting the body’s reaction to occasional pain.* Black Pepper extract is included for increased absorption and bioavailability of curcumins.


Gaia Herbs’ Astragalus Supreme is specially designed to provide deep-level immune support while assisting the body in adapting to daily stress.* The herbs in this formula work together to encourage overall immune system health, stamina, and endurance to physical and emotional stress.* Astragalus Supreme also provides antioxidant protection to cells and tissues.

Come into Annye’s and chat herbs with Danica and she will have you…

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