What is Annye reading?

Remember when we were young girls and how we fantasized about being
up on stage with a guitar, screaming out our rage and confusion about
who we were and were going to be? Oh. Was that just me?

Right now, I am happily engrossed in Carrie Brownstein’s memoir about
growing up, and her earliest yearnings to perform, and just as importantly,
to find community and an identity via her writing and touring. It’s a
splendid story. She may have felt like an outsider, but she was confident
in herself, her playing, and what she and her band, Sleater-Kinney, were
shouting about. This smart, upfront book is called HUNGER IS WHAT MAKES



My curiosity about Cuba is endless–those cars, those cigars, the rakish military garb, & not to forget, the food! So I picked up a copy of THEDISTANT MARVELS by Chantel Acevedo for a long plane trip. Wow, what a
story! It begins during Hurricane Flora in1963. When many women who have been unable to evacuate are brought to a former governor’s mansion to
wait out the storm, Maria Sirena tells the group the history of her family, particularly the women, during the wars for independence, their sorrows,
the betrayals, their loves, and the intensity of their lives. Accurate history, vivid details, magical, and memorable.



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