Happy Daffodil Festival Nantucket!

Happy Daffodil Festival Nantucket from Annye’s!

The 41st Nantucket Daffodil Festival is upon us and we have some fun new products for your Daffy picnic!


Sparkling drinks, Scratchpad Wines and Russian tea cakes make a colorful and delicious statement.  Melanie approves of these Vegan cookies by Uncle Eddie’s!  No refined sugar makes for a healthy and delicious snack for the entire family.


Prepare sandwiches with these organic almond butter brands and your picnic will be the most popular in S’conset.


For a quick treat on-the-go grab some of these vegan protein bars!  They are the perfect snack as you drive in the parade!


Daffodils are blossoming all over the island! Daffodils, the color of sunshine, a harbinger of a new season, and renewal on our beautiful island! Happy Daffodil Days from all of us, and love from Annye. (this is our 15th Daffodil Day!)


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