Mandy says.

This week we caught up with Mandy at Annye’s and she gave us some ways to live long and be strong.


LIVE LONG: Cut sugar from your diet.  I did this once for a spell and dropped about 10 lbs.  I read the labels on everything I put into my mouth and if it had more than 1 gram of sugar I didn’t eat it.

BE STRONG: If you’re going through a tough time and are dealing with a loss or some sadness reach out to your friends/loved ones.  Real, true blue friends will help you.  Be strong enough to reach out!


READ A BOOK: I am currently reading a book Annye gave me.  “All the Light We Cannot See.”  So far so good.  Annye is always giving me books to read.  It’s one of the great things about her, she’s always broadening my horizons and she does this for lots of people.  She’s always saving a book for someone.



LOVE YOUR PET:  My friend TOBY recently died.  He was a sweet soul.  He will be greatly missed.  RIP Tobes!  I love you!


EAT WELL: My favorite thing to eat for dinner right now are “Beef & Cabbage Tacos” that I make using fake meat from Annye’s called “Beef Crumbles” from a company called “Beyond Meat.”  They are scrumptious.


CELEBRATE:  Restaurants are again opening their doors after a long hard winter, there’s one that offers a cocktail I can’t stop thinking about!  I am looking for a reason to celebrate so I can visit Dune for an Ivy’s Poison. YUM!


 Thanks Mandy for these tips on some ways to live a happy life here on Nantucket Island.

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